Welcome To Crafts in the Tower



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Work by the artists who will be exhibiting at the Square Tower

on Sunday 18th September from 11 a.m.to 4 p.m. 



                       Tonys box spider                           Kelly flowers                                                              

                              Boxes by Tony Brooks                                             Gilding by Kelly Hickman



                    JSteel2                                 Bernice Hughes1

                                  Pens by Jim Steel                                                        Fairy Castles by Bernice Hughes



                            Mel surfers                       Sharon 3   

                                          Paintings by Mel Brundrit                                       Jewellery by Sharon Justice




                       Redcoralchillinecklace                               Di fish dish                                                                                

                               Jewellery by Katherine Webber                                 Ceramics by Di Wren


                          Terrys spoons                   Lesley George 1

                                Works in wood by Terry Turner                      Stitched textiles by Lesley George


                             judy c 3                             Teresa T landscape

                    Dyed and painted muslin by Judy Charlton                   Acrylic paintings by Teresa Templeton


                                                  Cherie Lubbock glass                               SLeech2

                                       Fused glass by Cherie Lubbock                                          Prints by Symon Leech



           Come and visit us at the Square Tower

Sunday 18th September

11a.m. to  4 p.m.


The pop-up tea room will be open





We are in process of deveolping the site, so come back soon to see more details of our events and artists.


You can contact us now by using the Contact page.